Consolidating Online Accounts Using LastPass


If you’ve been around the internet for any length of time, you could have hundreds if not thousands of accounts.  Each site takes a login and passwords and hints and tips and blah, blah, blah… Lots of time and information.

I hate having to remember all my login details and so I do what a lot people do – use a common password for accounts that don’t really matter and then more complex ones for the ones that do.  OK, so what’s wrong with this picture?

Well, I don’t remember all my accounts and passwords and after a while, I forget that I even have an account on certain sites much less how to login to those accounts.

In this entry, I’m revisiting using LastPass as my online profile management system and basically the keys to the kingdom.  Am I afraid that someone might get access to this site and steal everything else?  YES!  But its seems like there’s always going to be risks no matter how you navigate the internet, so this system is a better way of managing all my online accounts and passwords.


  1. Primary – Use LastPass to organize all my current sites that I manage and online accounts.
  2. Primary – Set-up Groups / Folder to organize my accounts into an easy to navigate system.
  3. Secondary – Review all old accounts still saved to LastPass and begin purging old unused accounts.
  4. Secondary – Update all passwords with LastPass to maintain strong passwords.

Action Steps:

  1. Create / Login LastPass Account – Figure out how to login to LastPass… I lost my old login and the hint was some code that I created way back when to figure out passwords.  I’m hoping that after using LastPass I won’t have this issue.
  2. Add new Accounts – Take all the accounts I identified in my “Identify and Organize all Online Accounts” entry and add any that I use into LastPass.  The items that I’m purging don’t need to be included. 😛
  3. Create Categories for Organization – I like to use categories based on purpose/function.  For example, all my personal social media and entertainment sites are in ‘Personal – Social’ and all my personal finance, bank accounts, taxes, and anything else that contributes to my net worth calculation is stored in ‘Personal – Finance.’  Some of the other categories include each of my companies and their websites; ‘Enterprise Toolbox’; ‘E-mail Accounts’; ‘Non-Profit Resources’; etc… Each person will probably have different categories, but I like to organize everything by purpose to make it easy to figure out where I need to go and not get distracted by other sites.
  4. Bonus: I’ll be adding a post for Optimizing Password Management with LastPass which will cover updating all passwords with LastPass and some of the other tricks you and do with LastPass that will make your life easier.


I love LastPass.  I used to use the site for managing all my passwords, but between updating to a new computer and getting distracted by other shiny objects, I completely forgot about this tool.  Recently, they upgraded to version 4.0 and the improvements are tremendous.  The tools is much more responsive and user-friendly.  I highly recommend check out LastPass and using it to manage your online accounts and passwords.

Make sure your Master Password is a strong one though and one that you won’t easily forget.  If you lose that one, you might be in big trouble after leaving the task of remembering passwords to LastPass.  There’s no password recovery other than the hint you leave yourself, so be warned – don’t lose your master password!

If you’re following my COO Guide, this step is crucial for better managing your time and conserve all that brain power for better things than remembering passwords.

And if you’re interested in learning more about the COO Guide – shoot me an e-mail via the contact page.  Cheers!


Author: Alex

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