Why We Don’t Delegate Enough And How To Get Better At Delegating


There’s loads of psychological reasons for not delegating and if you’re like me the main one is that you’re a perfectionist.

As we dig deeper in to delegating and outsourcing, we’ll see why you have to let go of all your notions of perfection if you want to truly grow your business. I’ve faced this issue at many stages of with my own company and each time I have to let go of another piece of my business, I feel more and more expendable.

But the other side of the equation is that we have the opportunity to grow our business exponentially when I get out of my own way.


Don’t be your own worst enemy. Get out of the way.

Today, we’ll be deep diving into the psychology of Pride and why its holding you back in your business.


  • Understanding the psychological barriers that Pride creates.
  • Learn how to overcome them to get better at delegating.


These concepts can take a lifetime to master, but most will take consistent practice over the next 4-6 weeks to make stick. That’s about how long a habit takes to stick in most cases.

Action Steps:

Step 1: Recognizing Your Personal Ego

While’s its a hard pill to swallow, many of us have an ego. As a business owner myself, I can relate to want to do everything on my own.

At the beginning, I thought it was fear talking. People won’t do it as well as I do it. My customers won’t be happy with the quality of work. This job just won’t be done right.

But what I realized over time is that it wasn’t fear, it was my own ego. I didn’t think there could be anyone as capable as me or as qualified as me to run this business. I needed to do everything because, clearly, I was the best.

This is the trait that takes over when we micro-manage, don’t let go of tasks, and don’t empower our teams. It’s lack of trust in the ability of others, but more than that. It’s an inflated sense of our own abilities and expertise.

If you really want to see your business grow, recognize that you have a personal ego and learn to let go of your pride.

Step 2: Stop Overcompensating

Are you overcompensating?

A more subtle way that pride sneaks in is as overcompensation for fear and insecurity. There are times when we begin to worry about our own abilities and whether we’re replaceable.

When our ego (self) get’s threaten it tends to lash out and react in a way to protect itself. In this scenario, if you believe that you’re replaceable, you won’t get credit for the job well done and have a need for attention your business will suffer.

Realize that these thoughts come from a deeper place of insecurity and that the most important thing that you can do is to be aware of your invisible scripts. As you uncover these self-destructive thought patterns, begin to question how you can shift your mindset and perspective on each of these issues.

Instead of being afraid of being replaced, I began to think about being replaced in my business as a key to having more time freedom. I changed my thought pattern from fear of being unimportant which made me cling to my work and tasks at hand to excitement for having more personal freedom.

Does this sound funny at first? Sure. But these are deep issues that take time and introspection to sort out. You won’t find everything over night nor will you be able to change everything all at once. But over time, you’ll see that you can be a better leader in your business by learning to let go of your fears and insecurities.

In fact, you can do even more than letting go. You can transform these thought patterns into positive reinforcement for success in your business.

Step 3: Trust Your Team

The last part of the formula is relying on your team.

We all want to be great leaders, right? If your answer is no, just click the ‘X’ button in the corner right now.

What happens when you let your ego run the show? I believe that it turns us into a de-motivator. Instead of being excited to be at work, our employees or partners get frustrated with us and don’t feel like we value their contributions.

When we don’t trust our team to get the job done, we’re just adding overhead without maximizing our benefit. Employees and contractors should be guided by your vision and the goals you set for them. But they should be allowed creative oversight over how to reach that goal. This is how you empower your team.

Depending on the job, you may have more or less structure over the process. But at the end of the day, you should be able to hand over a task with a deadline and get good results.

When you begin to realize that your team is the true lifeblood of your organization, you must also realize that your role is to encourage and motivate them to be top performers. When you try to hoard all the credit and exalt yourself, your team’s morale will suffer. And when their morale suffers, so will performance.

Be lavish with your praise and minimal with your criticism. Yes, you have to offer correction and guidance, but if you’re only seen as a critic and a micro-manager, how do you expect your team to do their best work?


Many times we let our need recognition and control to drive our decision making. When we let our team take the helm and entrust them to run your business, some great things start to happen.

When I stopped believing that I was the only one who could manage the invoicing and bookkeeping of the business, I was able to contract a part-time bookkeeper to help us with record-keeping. I now have more time to manage our consultants and relationships with clients. And I soon realized how bad at record-keeping I really was.

Finding the right team members is one of the toughest jobs that a entrepreneur can take on, but without understanding your own psychological hang-ups even an all-star team will fail.

Ultimately, you are the boss and if you don’t lead your team no one else will. The more self-aware you become, the better you can lead.

And if you’re looking for more insight on how to delegate, outsource or automate your business, contact me for a free 15-minute consultation.


Inspired by: https://medium.com/the-art-of-delegation/what-keeps-us-from-delegating-93dd8270dd23


Author: Alex

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