Case Study: Oribi Increased Traction 14% Using oDesk

We’ve talked about the strategies around outsourcing, but what about outsourcing in practice?  Well, today I found a perfect case study that I think you’ll enjoy.

This post comes from Iris Shoor on her blog at Oribi.  (Oribi – You know the little African animal with the horns?)

I was confused, too.  It’s OK.

Here’s a picture of one from their site:

Anyways… Iris is a Marketing pro and her site focuses on Facebook Insight & Analytics.

She discovered that through outsourcing some of the more mundane parts of the work her team did, they were able to see a 14% increase in their traction all for $300/mo using oDesk and a handful of other outsourcing sites.

That’s amazing.

OK, so here are some of the strategy she and her team used to make it happen.

Increase Your Site’s Traction By Using these Strategies:

Since her teams strengths lie in writing, managing blogs and planning campaigns, Iris knew she didn’t want to outsource those tasks.  Instead, she focused on the time consuming generic tasks that would help her team be more productive.

Use oDesk for Researching Tasks

During her planning, she realized that researched posts were among the most successful posts.  Therefore, she set out to create and conquer.

They built their first research post in-house to get a the analytics part down pat.  But once when they had the system built, they sent it over to oDesk for $50-150 a job to conduct the research for them.

The primary criteria for successfully outsourcing a task like this is to be very specific and detailed in your instruction.  Know what you’re looking for and how to explain it.

Use Fiverr to Upgrade Your Content

Fiverr is one of my favorite outsourcing sites.  I use it to completely outsource my logo and graphics design business using a simple two-step process.

Here are some of the gig types Iris uses:

  • Voiceovers – For $5 per minute / 100 words, you can get some great quality voiceovers for your video, podcast intro and slideshow decks.
  • Custom Graphics or Illustrations – Need some art to go with your post, get designs for $5 a piece.  (Sometime I go with a higher price designer for the unlimited revisions option, but most are interchangeable these days.  — I know I’ll get butchered for that comments.)
  • WordPress Edits, Customization, and Quick Fixes – whether its setting up your theme to look like the demo or installing some security patches ($30 to clean up malware and install security plugins; in-town guy was going to charge me $250!!!) your can get most for $10-30 on Fiverr.
  • Logos Concepts – Same as above with the custom graphics, there’s tons of logo designers on Fiverr. Depending on your flavor, you can get vintage logos or modern styles.  Only $5.

Creating Lists / Web Scrapping

Another top performing web article type is the mega-list.  These are the “Top 50…” or “106 Ways to…”  articles.  People love them and they’re great for traction.

You can hire-out these types of researching jobs the same way as above on oDesk or Freelancer.  Just remember to be very specific and detailed about what you want.

Iris and her team created the site of Java related events by hiring the job out.  Only cost them $100.  Learn from this one trick and you can build amazing directories and resource websites in a flash.  Just be sure to spend some time editing and filtering the results.


A task that I’ve never taken on, but seems to work well for Oribi was to build an external project.  Some external tool that is self-contained and may complement your product.  The cost for something like this should be between $100-300.  Easy-pea-cy

Landing Pages

Need a quick validation for your next million dollar idea?  Slap up a landing page and send traffic that way.  Or save your self the hassle and just outsource the whole thing.

Sure you need to have concept and maybe some copy, but you can get the whole thing implemented for you about $50.


All in all, very solid outsourcing strategies.  I’ve used many of the graphics design strategies and content upgrades with Fiverr and I’ve also used Freelancer to do research instead of oDesk.

I highly suggest that you try out a few of these tips and see what works out best for you.  Just remember these few tips:

  • Don’t outsource your core competency – what you need to stay competitive.
  • Be very specific – have a detailed outline of what you want accomplished and clearly communicate it.
  • Chunk it out – break up your tasks into smaller component pieces that have tangible results on their own.  This way, you can outsource each part to different freelancers to test the waters.

Good luck with outsourcing and I hope you enjoyed learning from what Iris Shoor is doing over at Oribi as much as I did.  You can read her original post here.

As always, if you need help with outsourcing, delegating or automating your business, contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.




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